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Universitat Jaume I
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15 years creating future

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Universitat Jaume I, the public university in Castelló



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Duration  12:02 Realization year  2006
Version  Anglès Gender  Documental de promoció
Synopsis   The Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, commonly known as the UJI, is a public higher education and research centre that was set up in 1991 with the aim of enhancing the social, economic and cultural development of the society around it through the creation and transmission of knowledge.

This year the Universitat Jaume I is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary as an institution that is fully consolidated and a perfectly integrated part of society in the province of Castelló.

Production  Francisco Fernández Beltrán
Script  Francisco Fernández Beltrán, Jose Iglesias, Juan S. Pérez Villanueva
Realization  Jose Iglesias
Subtitled by  
Music  Sonorització: Pilar Campos Sevillano, Manuel Casañ, Ariadna Alamar, Jose Iglesias
Camera  Santiago Garcia, Juan S Pérez Villanueva, Jose Iglesia
Collaboration  Edició i montatge: Jose Iglesias, Ariadna Alamar
Grafisme: Jose Iglesias
Veu en off:
Mark Andrews (anglès)
Réjane Huige Rey (francès)
Nicole Pardo Sievers (alemany)
Mari Carmen Aparisi (valencià i castellà)
Javier Herrero (coordinació Servei de Llengues)
Others  Producció executiva: Jose Iglesias, Juan S. Pérez Villanueva
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